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Topic 7 – Illicit versus Legal Substances

Topic Progress:

There are little differences in the harms caused by legal, or licit substances and illegal, or illicit substances. Their differing status under the law has more to do with history, politics and perception than it does with harms to individuals, families and society. In fact, one study conducted by Dr. David Nutt, British neuropsychopharmacoligist, found that alcohol is more harmful to society (when including emotional cost to families and financial costs to health care) than both heroin and crack, while heroin, crack and crystal meth were the most harmful drugs to individuals’.

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Did you know:

It’s worth noting that two legal substances – alcohol and benzodiazepines – are also the two most dangerous to withdraw from and require medically assisted detoxification due to the danger of seizure and DT’s (delirium tremens).

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