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Topic 4 – Harm Reduction Meets Mindfulness for Service Providers

Topic Progress:

How does harm reduction as a framework for promoting healing, growth and positive change work?

  • Start with bringing acceptance, compassion and curiosity to where one is in each moment-maybe with a focus on breath as an anchor – “start where we are-not where we think we should be”.
  • Embrace every positive change goal as valuable, as a measure of success and as a good place to start…as small as it needs to be.
  • Every little positive step contributes to the process of moving in a positive direction…a little less food or drink or spending or device checking, a little less often, a little less self-judgment and attack, a little more self-compassion, a little more self-care, a little more relaxation, sitting with ourselves with curiosity, compassion, acceptance and breath.
  • Get started wherever one is ready to begin!

Source: Andrew Tatarsky

Did you know:

North America’s first officially sanctioned Supervised Injection Site was opened in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside in September 2003.

Did you know:

In 2008, after 20 years of providing service, Victoria’s only fixed needle exchange program closed its doors due to pressure from neighbourhood groups.

Did you know:

Original needle exchange programs required individuals to return used needles in exchange for clean ones. This is no longer a requirement – individuals can now request needles without returning any in exchange.

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