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Fentanyl is 50 to 100 times as strong a morphine on a weight for weight basis. The province of BC announced a Public Health Emergency in April, 2016 in response to a 250% increase in fentanyl related deaths occurring during…

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Depressants General Effects

Most illicit users take these opiates/opioids drugs to avoid emotional and physical pain, to experience the ├óÔé¼╦£high├óÔé¼Ôäó or euphoria, and to suppress withdrawal symptoms. Active opioid users often experience decreased anxiety, a sense of detachment, drowsiness, and a numbing of…

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speed, bennies, crystal meth, ice, jib. Amphetamines are powerful synthetic stimulants with effects that are similar to those of cocaine but which last much longer and are often cheaper to use. It is common for individuals to graduate from crack…

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Cocaine Freebase

Crack, rock, base. Crack is cocaine that has been heated and mixed to make it smokable. It is often adulterated, or cut, with other chemicals, some of which are highly toxic. The effects are similar to snorted cocaine but more…

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