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Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.

Mahatma Gandhi

About This Course

In social work practice child protection workers find themselves in situations where problematic substance use (PSU) may be an issue. How do you know? What are the signs? What are the risks? How do we approach PSU and still ensure the safety of the child/youth and family. Children’s safety is critical and we recognize that working with families is central to this. The Problematic Substance Use Online Resource was created to provide child protection workers with the latest research based information regarding substances of use. The content of this resource has been developed in alignment with the Family at the Centre framework which addresses Mental Health and Substance Use in BC. This resource can be accessed any time by staff whenever they require specific knowledge around PSU. There is no need to register or enroll in a course and this resource is available even via your mobile device if you need information right away.

If you are working with clients where problematic substance use is a concern, we recommend that you enroll in the PSU Face to Face workshop where you will explore perspectives on PSU and apply the knowledge gained from this resource in a realistic case study. Check the MCFD Learning Management System for dates and locations.

Remember, this resource is available to you anytime even after the Face to Face course so please save the link to this resource on your internet favorites.

How to Complete this Course

Please watch the intro video below to learn how to use this resource site.

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